Τα βιβλία που περιλαμβάνονται στην κατάσταση που ακολουθεί, αποτελούν το 40% των υπαρχόντων, ανήκουν στην βιβλιοθήκη του Ε.Σ.Μ.Α. και είναι στη διάθεση των μελών, επί δανεισμώ, για μέγιστο διάστημα ενός μηνός και, βεβαίως, με δυνατότητα παράτασης χρόνου δανεισμού.
Η καταγραφή συνεχίζεται μέχρι την ολοκλήρωση του έργου.

8 Fundamental Studies of Ions and Plasmas, Vol. 2 (Agard 6)
12 Recent Advances in Aerothermochemistry (Agard 6)
83 Facilities and Techniques for Aerodynamic Testing at Transonic Speeds and High Reynolds Number
125 Atmospheric Pollution by Aircraft Engines (Agard 3)
338 Sustained Intensive Air Operations: Physiological and Performance Aspects (Agard 8)
342 Aerodynamics of Vortical Type Flows in Three Dimensions (Agard 5)
343 Advanced Concepts for Avionics/Weapon System Design, Development and Intergration
344 Space Systems Applications to Tactical Operations
345 Propagation Factors Affecting Remote Sensing by Radio Waves (Agard 1)
347 Flight Mechanics and System Design Lessons from Operational Experience
348 Wind Tunnels and Testing Techniques (Agard 7)
349 Integration of Fire Control, Flight Control and Propulsion Control Systems (Agard 4)
351 Viscous Effects in Turbomachines (Agard 3)
352 Auxiliary Power Systems (Agard 3)
354 Aeroelastic Considerations in the Preliminary Design of Aircraft (Agard 9)
355 Characterization, Analysis and Significance of Defects in Composite Materials (Agard 9)
359 Helicopter Guidance and Control Systems for Battlefield Support
360 Cost Effective and Affordable Guidance and Control Systems
361 Design for Tactical Avionics Maintainability
363 Propagation Influences on Digital Transmission Systems: Problems and Solutions
367 Hazard Studies for Solid Propellant Rocket Motors
368 Engine Cyclic Durability by Analysis and Testing
369 Gears and Power Transmission Systems for Helicopters and Turboprops
374 Transonic Unsteady Aerodynamics and its Aeroelastic Applications
374 Transonic Unsteady Aerodynamics and its Aeroelastic Applications (Addendum 1)
375 Operational Loades Data
376 Fatigue Crack Topography
382 Propagation Effects on Military Systems in the High Latitude Region
385 The Value of Information as an Integral Part of Aerospace and Defence R & D Programmes
386 Unsteady Aerodynamics-Fundamentals and Applications to Aircraft Dynamics
387 Guidance – Control – Navigation Automation for Night All-Weather Tactical Operations
390 Heat Transfer and Cooling in Gas Turbines
391 Smokeless Propellants
392 Interior Ballistics of Guns
394 Aircraft Gear and Bearing Tribological Systems
403 Static Aeroelastic Effects on High Performance Aircraft
407 Terrestrial Propagation Characteristics in Modern Systems of Communications, Surveillance, Guidance and Control
419 Scattering and Propagation in Random Media
420 Effects of Electromagnetic Noise and Interference on Performance of Military Radio Communication Systems
435 Guidance and Control of Precision Guided Weapons
436 Guidance and Control of Unmanned Air Vehicles
437 Validation of Computational Fluid Dynamics (Volume 2)
437 Validation of Computational Fluid Dynamics (Volume 1)
438 Fluid Dynamics of Three-Dimensional Turbulent Shear Flows and Transition
439 Software Engineering to Avionics
441 Ionospheric Structure and Variability on a Global Scale and Interactions with Atmosphere and Magnetosphere
443 Energy Absorption of Aircraft Structures as an Aspect of Crashworthiness
444 New Light Alloys
445 The Organisation and Functions of Documentation and Information Centers in Defence and Aerospace Enviroments
449 Application of Advanced Material for Turbomachinery and Rocket Propulsion
451 Stability and Control of Tactical Missile Systems
458 Human Behaviour in High Stress Situations in Aerospace Operations
461 High Temperature Surface Interactions
463 Computational Methods for Aerodynamic Design (Inverse) and Optimization
464 Applications of Mesh Generation to Complex 3-D Configurations
465 Aerodynamics of Combat Aircraft Controls and of Ground Effects
466 Electronic Transfer of Information and its Impact on Aerospace and Defence Research and Development
467 Aircraft Fire Safety
468 Unsteady Aerodynamic Phenomena in Turbomachines
469 Secondary Flows in Turbomachines
471 Neck Injury in Advanced Military Aircraft Enviroments
472 Implications of Advanced Technologies for Air and Spacecraft Escape
474 Knowledge Based System Applications for Guidance and Control
479 Hypersonic Combined Cycle Propulsion
480 Low Temperature Environment Operations of Turboengines (Design and User’s Problems
484 Landing Gear Design Loads
486 Use or Reduction of Propagation and Noise Effects in Distributed Military Systems
487 Bridging the Communication Gap
493 Missile Aerodynamics
494 Vortex Flow Aerodynamics
496 Effects of Adverse Weather on Aerodynamics
497 Manoeuvring Aerodynamics
498 Aerodynamic Engine / Airframe Integration for High Performance Aircraft and Missiles
500 Integrated Target Acquisition and Fire Control Systems
501 Target and Clutter Scattering and their Effects on Military Radar Performance
502 Remote Sensing of the Propagation Environment
503 Software for Guidance and Control
505 Bringing Down the Barriers to Information Transfer
507 Transonic Unsteady Aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity
508 Flying Qualities
509 Aircraft Ship Operations
510 CFD Techniques for Propulsion Applications
511 Insensitive Munitions
513 Piloted Simulation Effectiveness
514 Theoretical and Experimental Methods in Hypersonic Flows
515 High-Lift System Aerodynamics
520 Combat Automation for Weapon Systems: Man/Machine Interface Trends and Technologies
521 Advanced Aircraft Interfaces: The Machine Side of the Man-Machine Interface
522 TacSats for Surveillance, Verification and C31
524 Advances in Guidance and Control of Precision Guided Weapons
525 Ιntegrated and Multi-Function Navigation
526 Airbreathing Propulsion for Missiles and Projectiles
527 Heat Transfer and Cooling in Gas Turbines
528 Radiolocation Techniques
529 ELF/VLF/LF Radio Propagation and Systems Aspects
530 Debonding/Delamination of Composites
535 Wall Interference, Support Interference and Flow Field Measurements
537 Technology Requirements for Small Gas Turbines
543 Multiple Mechanism Propagation Paths (MMPPs): Their Characterisation and Influence on System Design
550 Composite Repair of Military Aircraft Structures
551 Application of Direct and Large Eddy Simulation to Transition and Turbulence
552 Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics of Rotorcraft
555 Guidance and Control for Future Air-Defence Systems
556 Dual Usage in Military and Commercial Technology in Guidance and Control
557 Tactical Aerospace C3I in Coming Years
558 Erosion, Corrosion and Foreign Object Damage Effects in Gas Turbines
559 Environmental Aspects of Rocket and Gun Propulsion
560 Active Control Technology: Applications and Lessons Learned
561 Space Systems and Development Testing
562 Advanced Packaging Concepts for Digital Avionics
563 Low-Level and Nap-of-the-Earth (N.O.E.) Night Operatios
564 High Power Microwaves (HPM)
565 Corrosion Detection and Management of Advanced Airframe Materials
566 Advanced Aeroservoelastic Testing and Data Analysis
567 Propagation Assessment in Coastal Environments
568 Widespread Fatigue Damage in Military Aircraft
569 Thermal Mechanical Fatigue of Aircraft Engine Materials
570 Aerodynamics of store Integration and Separation
571 Loss Mechanisms and Unsteady Flows in Turbomachines
578 Progress and Challenges in CFD Methods and Algorithms
169 Modern Display Technologies and Applications (Agard 8)
172 Fluid Dynamics Aspects of Internal Ballistics (Agard 7)
182 Suitable Averaging Techniques in Non-Uniform Internal Flows (Agard 3)
195 Advances in Guidance and Control Systems (Agard 4)
203 Space System Applications to Tactical Operations
204 Design for Tactical Avionics Maintainability
206 Validation of Missile System Simulation
208 Flight Test Techniques
211 Test Cases for Inviscid Flow Field Methods
212 Cryogenic Test Technology 1984
213 Aerodynamics and Acoustics of Propellers
218 Propagation Effects on Military Systems in the High Latitude Region
220 Active Control Systems – Review, Evaluation and Projections
222 Unsteady Aerodynamics – Fundamentals and Applications to Aircraft Dynamics
227 Producibility and Cost Studies of Aviation Kerosines
245 Recommended Practices for Measurement of Gas Path Pressures and Temperatures for Performance Assessment of Aircraft Turbine Engines and Components
248 The Uniform Engine Test Programme
249 The Man-Machine Interface in Tactical Aircraft Design and Combat Automation
255 Calculation of 3D Separate Turbulent Flows in Boundary Layer Limit
256 Drag Prediction and Analysis from Computation Fluid Dynamics: State of the Art
257 Fluid Dynamics Panel Symposium on Validation of Computational Fluid Dynamics
259 Guidance and Control of Precision Guided Weapons
260 Guidance and Control of Unmanned Air Vehicles
265 Rotary-Balance Testing for Aircraft Dynamics
267 Computational Methods for Aerodynamic Design (Inverse) and Optimization
268 Application of Mesh Generation to Complex 3-D Configurations
269 Adaptive Wind Tunnel Walls: Technology & Applications
270 Air Intakes for High Speed Vehicles
271 Aerodynamics og Combat Aircraft Controls and of Ground Effects
274 Validation of Flight Critical Control Systems
275 Test Cases for Computation of Internal Flows in Aero Engine Components
276 Advances in Techniques and Technologies for Air Vehicle Navigation and Guidance
277 Flight in Adverse Environmental Conditions
278 Aircraft and Sub-system Certification by Piloted Simulation
279 Handling Qualities of Unstable Highly Augmented Aircraft
280 Rotorcraft System Idendification
281 Fault Tolerant Design Concepts for Highly Integrated Flight Critical Guidance and Control Systems
284 Knowledge Based System Applications for Guidance and Control
287 Terminology and Assessment Methods of Solid Propellant Rocket Exhaust Signatures
291 Appraisal of the Suitability of Turbulence Models in Flow Calculations
296 Mission Planning Systems for Tactical Aircraft (Pre-Flight and In-Flight)
300 Progress in Military Airlift
302 Software for Guidance and Control
306 Effects of Adverse Weather on Aerodynamics
308 Test Cases for Engine Life Assessment Technology
310 Air Vehicle Mission Control and Management
312 Aircraft Ship Operations
314 Operational Agility
315 Piloted Simulation Effectiveness
316 A Research Agenda for Scientific and Technical Information
318 Aerodynamics of 3-D Aircraft Afterbodies
319 Hypersonic Experimental and Computational Capability, Improvement and Validation
320 Guide to the Measurement of the Transient Performance of Aircraft Turbine Engines and Components
325 Knowledge-Based Guidance and Control Functions
326 Marketing Tools for Increasing Proactivity in Technical Information Centers
332 Recommended Practices for the Assessment of the Effects of Atmospheric Water Ingestion on the Performance and Operability of Gas Turbine Engines
335 Flight Vehicle Integration Panel Workshop on Pilot Induced Oscillation
340 Evaluation of Loads from Operational Flight Maneuvers
341 Guide to Multimedia Storage
343 Integrated Vehicle Management Systems
77 Aicraft Noise Generation, Emission and Reduction (Agard 3)
108 Aicraft Assessment and Acceptance Testing (Agard 5)
109 Fault Tolerance Design and Redundancy Management Techniques (Agard 2)
119 Image Processing Techniques (Agard 2)
126 Modern Display Technologies for Airborn Applications
127 Modern HF Communications (Agard 1)
128 Computer-Aided Design and Analysis of Digital Guidance and Control Systems (Agard 4)
129 Speech Processing
130 Development and Use of Numerical and Factual Data Bases (Agard 2)
131 The Performance of Antennas in their Operational Environment (Agard 1)
132 Operation and Performance Measurement on Engines in Sea Level Test Facilities (Agard 7)
133 Advances in Strapdown Inertial Systems (Agard 8)
136 Ramjet and Ramrocket Propulsion Systems for Missiles
137 Process Modeling Applied to Metal Forming and Thermomechanical Processing
139 Helicopter Aeromechanics
143 Fault Tolerant Hardware/Software Architecture for Flight Critical Function
146 Application of ADA Higher Order Language to Guidance and Control
150 Design Methods in Solid Rocket Motors
150 Design Methods in Solid Rocket Motors (Revised)
168 Superelasticity
169 Comparative Engine Performance Measurements
171 Benefits of Computer Assisted Translation to Information Managers and End-Users
172 Propagation Limitations for Systems Using Band-Spreading
176 The Conflicting Forces Driving Futures Avionics Acquisition
177 Electromagnetic Interference and Electromagnetic Compatibility
179 Artificial Neural Network Approaches in Guidance Control
183 Steady and Transient Performance Prediction of Gas Turbine Engines
513 Predicting Material Behaviour Under Load, Time and Temperature Conditions (Agard 6)
549 Considarations in the Determination of Stability and Control Derivatives and Dynamic Characteristics from Flight Data (Agard 6)
702 Compendium of Unsteady Aerodynamic Measurements
710 Special Course on V/STOL Aerodynamics
711 Special Course on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Controls (Agard 4)
712 Special Course on Subsonic/Transonic Aerodynamic Interference for Aircraft (Agard 5)
713 The Fatigue in Aircraft Corrosion Testing (FACT) Programme
716 Composite Structure Repair (Addendum)
716 Composite Structure Repair (Agard 9)
718 Guides to Aerospace Research and Development in NATO Countries – Bibliography
719 Three-Dimensional Boundary Layers
721 Fatigue Rated Fastener Systems
722 Special Course on Cryogenic Technology for Wind Tunnel Testing
732 Short-Crack Growth Behaviour in an Aluminum Alloy – an AGARD Cooperative Test Programme
758 Short Course on Cardiopulmonary Aspects of Aerospace Medicine
761 Special Course on Aerothermodynamics of Hypersonic Vehicles
762 Castings Airworthiness
764 Special Course on Three-Dimensional Supersonic/Hypersonic Flows Including Separation
766 AGARD Engine Disc Cooperative Test Programme
768 Damage Tolerance for Engine Structures 1. Non-Destructive Evaluation
769 Damage Tolerance for Engine Structures 2. Defects and Quantitative Materials Behaviour
771 Fuel Tank Technology
773 Damage Tolerance for Engine Structures 4. Reliability and Quality Assurance
774 Special Course on Advances in Cryogenic Wind Tunnel Technology
776 Aircraft Dynamics at High Angles of Attack: Experiments and Modelling
779 Guide to Document Security Markings and Distribution Statements used by NATO and NATO Member Nations
780 Inverse Methods for Airfoil Design for Aeronautical and Turbomachinery Applications
781 Aerodynamics of Rotorcraft
784 Integrated Design Analysis and Optimisation of Aircraft Structures
786 Skin Friction Drag Reduction
787 Unstructured Grid Methods for Advection Dominated Flows
788 Basic Documentation Practices
789 Stability in Aerospace Systems
790 Impact of Materials Defects on Engine Structures Integrity
791 Environmentally Safe and Effective Processes for Paint Removal
792 Shock-Wave/Boundary-Layer Interactions in Supersonic and Hypersonic Flows
798 Aircraft Loads due to Turbulence and their Impact on Design and Certification
800 The Design, Qualification and Maintenance of Vibration-Free Landing Gear
807 Special Course on Parallel Computing in CFD
809 POD Assessment of NDI Procedures Using a Round Robin Test
811 Twenty-five Years of Contributions to Air Traffic Handling (Research, Development, Operations and History): a Bibliography
272 Advances in Sensors and their Integration into Aircraft Guidance and Control Systems (Agard 4)
277 Non-Invasive Methods of Cardiovascular Exploration in Aerospace Medicine (Agard 8)
281 Two-Dimensional Wind Tunnel Wall Interference (Agard 7)
292 Helicopter Fatigue Design Guide (Agard 9)
300 Calibration of Air-Data Systems and Flow Direction Sensors (Agard 5)
363 Propagation Influences on Digital Transmission Systems: Problems and Solutions (Agard 8)